Wood Fired Pizza...

Wood fired pizza

Our wood fired artisan pizzas are simply delicious! Made from the finest ingredients, these pizzas combine gourmet meats, vegetables and cheeses for a unique taste. All pizzas are hand crafted to order and made with our own dough. The pizza is baked in our fiery 900 degree oven. The aroma from our pizza oven always creates a crowd.

We bring the party

Custom built Mugnaini / Valoriani oven that was imported from Italy

We bring our custom built Mugnaini / Valoriani oven that was imported from Italy, a canvas tent, lights, marble prep table, serving table with serving platters and table skirts. Pricing starts at $10 per person for hand crafted artisan pizza that is made from our blistering hot 900-degree oven.
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Testimonials - party group shot

“Fred is a pizza guru! He serves up the most amazing thin crust, wood fired, brick oven pizzas this side of Naples. Anyone who is serious about their pizza MUST stop by for a pie. I think he posts his current location on Facebook. He also does private parties, which are unique and memorable. Amazing find!”

—Frank Filipponio